Gallery of Freedom Fighters

Who are the Heros of Today?
They are expert physicians and scientists speaking out against medical tyranny.
They are lawyers fighting illegal and unconstitutional mandates in the courts.
They are wealthy entrepreneurs forming alternative media platforms to expose the truth.
And they are political candidates taking on the Deep State and all forms of government corruption.

At the same time, today’s war against the dictator-wannabes is being fought on many fronts much closer to home, by many everyday people:

Patients, who have to protect personal health information – and bodily autonomy – from health system surveillance and coercion.

Citizens, who have to protect their privacy — and their private property — against encroaching Digital ID and CBDC.

Parents, who have to push back against disruptive campaigns in schools, including critical race theory and transgender grooming.

Town residents, who have to preserve municipal resources — schools, hospitals, even whole neighborhoods — from invading illegal immigrants.

Everyday people have to become everyday heroes. We have no choice. The forces of tyranny have advanced — not just to our doorstep — but into our minds, bodies, bank accounts, and medical records. We must either rise to the occasion, or we must accept our lot as transactional units in the Technocratic State.

These are the stories of these Freedom Fighters. We can take inspiration and motivation from each and every one of them, to persevere in the fight for our own freedom.

Starring: Steven Kobrin and guests from the front lines
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